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Feel The Fire Hot Sauces

Feel The Fire

at Greenport Fire


Torchbearer 10-pack

Torchbearer 10-pack


The TorchBearer 10 - We’ve taken our ten most popular hot sauces and packaged them up for you in this sturdy, colorful box fit for the pickiest connoisseur. Front and back you’ll see a menagerie of our characters from the early days all the way up to some of our latest creations. Flip the top up (just like a pizza) and you’ll be greeted by ten sauces, each nestled in their own little space and surrounded by flame artwork. What a great way to get all our Hot Ones sauces along with five of our other best-sellers in one, great looking package! This box contains: Danny Wood’s Jalapeno Cilantro Sauce, Sweet Onion Habanero, Habanero Evil, Sultry Sauce, Slaughter Sauce, Son of Zombie Wing Sauce, Headless Horseradish, Zombie Apocalypse, Honey Badger Honey Mustard, and Garlic Reaper


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