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Greenport Fire Spicy Blueberry Jam

Greenport Fire Spicy Blueberry Jam


Blueberry, Bourbon & Ginger with a subtle kick of Cayenne Pepper.

If summer is meant for grilling out, then there's no better condiment than a summery Blueberry Bourbon Ginger Jam. This sweet, bright and summery gourmet jam is loaded with unique jam flavors. Crafted from fresh hand-picked and perfectly ripe Long Island blueberries, this unique jam is not too sweet and has just the right amount of kick.

Our secret to this boozy jam is patience and a little bit of bourbon; the fruit must be cooked slowly for it to develop its full flavor. The berries are preserved and sweetened naturally in small batches using fresh water baths and a copper jam pot to create the velvety texture of this delicious gourmet jam. A fresh dash of ginger gives it a peppery bite and complements grilled steaks, sausages, chicken and pork chops. This all-natural jam is perfect for sweetening summer tomatoes or slathering on morning toast. It is both light on the sugar and chock full of blueberries to create an elegant yet simple jam that's perfect for cheese boards. It's pretty amazing on its own too!

Incredibly delectable with just a kiss of bourbon created with the food lover in mind. It hits with a hint of ginger, causing a jamazing combination of flavors. Delicious over pancakes, blitzes and as an ice-cream topper.

This all natural product is hand-crafted in small batches preserving the freshness of all the ingredients used to make our jam.

Jam Fan Tip: Mix equal parts water with jam, then freeze in ice cube trays. Use these cubes with seltzer or in your favorite fruity cocktail.

Looking for the perfect bite? Blue cheese and goat cheese have a new best friend. The sweetness of the jam will tone down the sharpness of these expressive cheeses.

Made in collaboration with Virginia Janes

Ingredients: blueberries, sugar, pectin, lemon juice, bourbon whiskey, ground ginger, cayenne pepper


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