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Lucky Dog Hell Hound

Lucky Dog Hell Hound

Hell Hound - Bordering on "unnecessarily hot" Hell Hound is sure to be a favorite among hot sauce aficionados looking for much more flavor with their fire. Rare for a sauce of this heat level, Hell Hound is unique, complex & layered; seamlessly blending the searing heat of the Carolina Reaper with roasted peppers, mango, tamarind & roasted garlic - with just a touch of evil mixed in for good measure.No extract needed to burn with this sublimely savory, slightly sweet & hellaciously  hot pepper sauce that pairs perfectly with almost any dish.Ingredients: Rice Vinegar, Onion, Carolina Reaper Pepper, Water, Jalapenos, Applesauce, Dry Roasted Garlic, Fresh Garlic, Tamarind Concentrate, Mango, Agave, Lime Juice Concentrate, Granulated Garlic, Mustard Flour, Pepper.