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Feel The Fire Hot Sauces

Feel The Fire

at Greenport Fire





TERIYAKI BEEF JERKY - Teriyaki Tender Steak Cut is a sweet mouth watering jerky. Our Teriyaki Flavor is one of our classics. 22 years in the making. We use premium ingredients and spices.


WHISKEY BEEF JERKY - Like a fine bourbon, the whiskey goes down well. You get a nice oak finish combined with the sweet taste of one of the finest beverages ever concocted.


SWEET & SPICY BEEF JERKY - The sweetness comes first, while the heat starts more slowly in this very well-balanced, understated jerky with a medium chew. While other jerkys have bolder flavors, this one is sophisticated and subtle. Pair it with lighter wines that harmonize; you want a lover, not a fighter, to go with this one. 


BLACK PEPPER & SEA SALT BEEF JERKY - A straightforward yet fun jerky, the saltiness of this medium chew jerky is mellowed with just a hint of sweetness and spiked with black pepper. Just when you think it’s over, another flavor explodes in your mouth. This friendly jerky will pair nicely with pretty much anything you’d like to drink.


MILD JALAPENO BEEF JERKY - This jerky has just enough spicy heat to warm you up, but won’t set your mouth on fire. A complex jerky, the flavors develop in the palate. The sweet caramel and orange notes come from a special blend of tamarind and molasses, while undertones of garlic and onion keep it savory. It will stand up nicely to the peppery notes of a local Cabernet Franc or the heft of an oatmeal stout. Can also be paired with slightly sweet or floral wines.


REAL WESTERN BEEF JERKY - With a tender chew and a marked mellow sweetness, Real Western boasts traditional jerky chops, yet takes a gentler approach. This is a family friendly jerky that is irresistible to all generations. You'll have to hide this one if you don't like to share. Try it with lighter ales and red wines that are more fruity than sweet.


ORANGE TERIYAKI BEEF JERKY - The citrus fragrance seduces you as soon as you open the package. A more tender jerky infused with wine and orange juice, it is bright with just a tiny sweetness, like a good marmalade, with aromatics present at the finish.


IPA BEER BEEF JERKY - A straightforward jerky for those who like their jerky simple, beefy and with a long-lasting chew. Drier than some of our other flavored offerings, this would pair well with your favorite – you guessed it – IPA. It has a peppery finish and can stand up to hoppiness. And since IPAs tend to be on the higher end of alcohol content, you’ll appreciate a jerky that helps you slow down and contemplate the flavors.


TENDER HABANERO BEEF JERKY - Tender Habanero is not for the faint-hearted. Habaneros are among the hottest peppers in the world – measuring upwards of 300,000 on the Scoville scale -- and in this jerky the heat is turned up and lasts long. You can cool it down with a light Mexican beer, or pair it with something more assertive, like a citric American pale ale, a hefeweizen or a Belgian witbier. It can also provide some ballast for tequila and lime cocktails.


GREENPORT ORIGINAL BEEF JERKY - Purists will love the long, long chew of this traditional jerky, with just a hint of sweetness and a hint of garlic and a whiff of smoke. If you want to get back to basics, this is the jerky for you.


HOT BEEF JERKY - Studded with hot red pepper flakes, this jerky doesn’t play. But it is not a one-note jerky. Underneath the spikes of heat, there is a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. It is like a sun-dried tomato version of jerky with a satisfying umami mouth feel. It may make you think “A Bloody Mary would be very good right now” – especially with a cool and crisp celery stalk.


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