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Cors Candles - Enchanted Forest

Cors Candles - Enchanted Forest

It's Enchanted Forest scent has a mix of different earthy notes in it- Patchouli, Pine Needles, Cloves, and everything else you would smell while jumping in a pile of leaves!  It is an amazing fall/winter (and year round!) scent!

This candle has an all natural wooden wick that actually lightly crackles like a fire place when it burns! It’s so calming and relaxing! It’s made with 100% vegan wax so when you blow out your candle you won’t have a smokey room and your room will still smell like it’s Enchanted Forest scent! This wax has a unique crystalized effect to it when it’s poured at the perfect temperature, it dries slowly and crystalizes while drying.

Please keep all candles away from drafts (windows, heaters, air conditioners) and always burn them where you can see them.