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Feel The Fire Hot Sauces

Feel The Fire

at Greenport Fire


Burns & McCoy Mezcaline Oaxacan

Burns & McCoy Mezcaline Oaxacan


We have combined perfectly ripened red jalapenos, orange habanero, onion, copious amounts of garlic, cocao powder, brown sugar, olive oil and MEZCAL to create a sweet, savory, smoky balance with a mellow but nice medium burn Oaxacan style hot sauce. This is bound to become one of your new favorite sauces.

Ingredients: Fire Roasted Tomato (Vine Ripened Tomatoes, Tomato Juice, Salt, And Citric Acid), Red Jalapeno Mash (Peppers, Vinegar), Water, Orange Habanero Mash (Peppers, Vinegar), Garlic, Onion, Brown Sugar, Vinegar, Mezcal, Olive Oil, Salt, Espresso, Rose Water, Lime Juice, Cocoa Powder, Oregano, Chocolate Bhutlah Pepper Powder, Chocolate Ghost Pepper Powder, Thyme, Cinnamon


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