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13 Angry Scorpions - Jekyll & Hyde

13 Angry Scorpions - Jekyll & Hyde


Keg-Aged Trinidad Moruga Scorpion & Chipotle Peppers

7/10 Heat - 109,000 SCHU

Dubbed “The barbecue sauce from hell” by Hot Ones' host Sean Evans, for it’s scorching Scorpion Pepper heat and rustic flavour profile - Jekyll & Hyde has won 11 of the most respected Hot Sauce awards in the USA.

Earlier this year Jekyll & Hyde also earned the massive honour of starring in season 17 of everyone’s favourite hot sauce fuelled celebrity interview show Hot Ones, filmed on location in Brooklyn, NYC. While on the show, in the number 7 spot of the Hot Ones lineup, Jekyll & Hyde was tasted by the likes of Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, Seth Rogen, Courtney Cox, Colin Farrel and TWO actors from the Marvel movie franchise, Josh Brolin and Sebastian Stan! At a very respectable 109,000 Scoville units, Jekyll & Hyde is the G . O . A . T super hot sauce, with an amazing flavour profile, hundreds of five star reviews and bursting with summer barbecue vibes!

Wood-Smoked Red Jalapeño Peppers, apple cider vinegar, tomato and brown sugar, with our own signature spice rub, bringing to the table an extra hot sauce with a rich and rustic flavour profile. Jekyll & Hyde isn’t just an award winning sauce, it’s an absolute game changer with all your favourite meals - so it’s just as tasty with Mexican or Asian cuisine, as it is on a brisket burger with onion rings!


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